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College & career access

Education is the foundation of our work so it is imperative that we ensure that the students within our community have access to the knowledge and resources that they need to obtain a postsecondary education and a successful career.

Civic engagement

BLU Educational Foundation understands that long lasting change does not take place until modifications are made to current policies in hopes that they will better serve the people within our community. Through our efforts and the efforts of our partners, it is our hope that our work will propel community members along with state and local elected officials to advocate for access. 

Leadership development

BLU Educational Foundation believes it is important to cultivate leaders that have the heart to serve their community. We provide a series of programs to develop leaders with the intent that they contribute to the Inland Empire economy through entrepreneurship, employment, and/or volunteer service.

THe arts

BLU understands the importance of art and makes a point to expose students to different forms of art and opportunities. Since it's inception BLU has taken students to local museums, musical events, and film festivals

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