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Our Mission

The mission of Hustle & Flow Academy is to equip job seekers with the skills necessary to succeed and be competitive in today’s workforce.

Program Overview

The Hustle & Flow Academy is a career readiness program designed to support participants in their personal and professional development in order to increase social and economic mobility, access, and success in thriving careers. Our program targets participants who are new to work, new to an industry, striving to level up in their careers, and/or seeking to reinvent themselves. This program is especially designed for:

  • Youth Ages 14 - 24

  • College Students

  • Adults

Core Topics

  • Networking

  • Mock Interviews

  • Office Etiquette

  • Resume Development

  • Public Speaking

  • Personal Branding & Messaging

  • Goal Setting 

  • And others


  • Strengthened confidence

  • Enhancement of soft skills

  • Understand how to best market themselves

  • Awareness of quality career options

  • Exposure and expanded career network

  • Increase probability of job longevity

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