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Inland Empire Black Equity Initiative (BEI) Quarterly Convening Recap

Members of the Inland Empire Black Equity Initiative take a group photo at their December meeting

The Inland Empire Black Equity Initiative held a Quarterly Convening Meeting at San Bernardino Valley College December 7th, 2023. 

Established in 2014, the Black Equity Initiative (BEI) consists of a network of Black-led and serving organizations to work on issues affecting the Black community. The Black Equity Initiative utilizes Quarterly Convening Meetings to highlight new and old organizations within its network, to create and collaborate on new events and ideas, as well as to conduct organizational support workshops with the intent that our organizations remain well resourced, supported, and can achieve greater success.

The focal point of the December 2023 Quarterly Convening Meeting was to highlight communication. We had the opportunity to develop our communication in a plethora of ways, including spotlighting new organizations. As we learned about each other through activities, fellowship, and professional development workshops — we increased our understanding of what organizations were in the room and what each organization does. This ultimately supports us in determining how we can collaborate towards our shared goals.


Meeting Highlight: Charee Gillins

We also had the opportunity to get very insightful information from Charee Gillins. Charee is the Marketing and Communications Director of the Inland Empire Community

Charee Gillins offers BEI members professional development around communication during BEI's December Quarterly Convening
Charee Gillins offers BEI members professional development around communication

Foundation and she provided many essential tools and resources to the various organizations in attendance. Those essential tools included: “Media Do’s and Don’ts,” “A Guide to Navigate Communications for Social Impact;” as well as “IE Media Outlets.” In addtion to facilitating this communications workshop, Charee also shared the free communications services offered to the members of the IE Black Equity Initiative including media spotlights of each member organization.

We look forward to BEI’s next Quarterly Convening in March 2024. Remain safe and blessed.

Shalom Aleichem,

Kameron Pyant, BLU Educational Foundation Black Equity Initiative Liason


Acknowledgements: Thank you to San Bernardino Valley College, our caterer Raheem Amir (To Cook or Die Tryin) and lastly, to all the organizations who participate and allow us to be a component of their mission.

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