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Students participate in professional activities

BLU Educational Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of our Purposeful Pathways Initiative. This initiative was designed to strengthen career pathways for high school and college students by directly aligning course work, opportunities and support to academic certification and/or degree programs, and industry experience. 

As a part of our pathways, BLU has researched and identified the following industries to have thriving and sustainable career opportunities: Health, Education, Business and Finance, Arts, Social Justice, STEM, and Environmentalism.  BLU is particularly dedicated to increasing the representation of Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Pacific Islander students in such industries. We believe that Purposeful Pathways will increase students’ exposure and access to intentional course work, mentorship, work based learning opportunities, and careers that positively change the landscape of our communities.  

The Key Framework of the initiative and programming is:

  • A-G eligible coursework

  • Dual enrollment/college coursework (must be UC/CSU transferable)

  • Pathways that lead to an industry/academic certification or degree program

  • Work-based learning opportunities connected to respective careers

  • Pathways connected to industry partners

  • Programmatic communication and marketing that is culturally responsive

  • Parent engagement and exposure to such career pathways.  

One of the primary goals of BLU’s Purposeful Pathways Initiative is for school districts and higher education institutions to adopt the components of the program and framework when developing and revamping their Career and Technical Education programs, with a specific focus on the key industries we have identified.  BLU’s secondary goal is to support students programmatically in the schools to ensure their success throughout high school and college on whichever career pathway that they choose. 

BLU believes that through participation in Purposeful Pathways, students across the Inland Empire will be better equipped to take on the challenges of the modern workforce and be able to contribute to the success of the region.


If you are a school district or industry partner interested in becoming a partner in this initiative please contact our Career Pathways Coordinator Dar'rell Jones ( or our Career Partnerships Coordinator Nicholas Clayborne (


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