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Amboy Crater 2019

In the summer of 2019 BLU Educational Foundation launched the Let's Take It Outside project in an effort to bring awareness and advocacy to the preservation and restoration of public lands. The campaign seeks to engaging constituencies in and near the Inland Empire, particularly from the African American perspective, to help build awareness, identify barriers to access and success, and to advocate for key issues when it comes to public lands.  Through the objectives of awareness, engagement, and advocacy, BLU Educational Foundation’s Let's Take It Outside initiative seeks to build awareness through educating the community on the benefits of being outdoors, the overall benefits outdoors has on Black health, as well as finding the historical significance/connection each location has to Black people and our history. 

Project Focus


To learn about the historical significance/connection Public Lands have to Black history as well as any contribution landmarks have had in the cultivation of the Inland Empire.


To build awareness through educating the community on the benefits of being outside and the overall impact it has on Black health.



By exposing people to outdoor activities it is our hope that not only will they gain the basic knowledge of wilderness and wildlife practices but, also learn ways in which they can advocate for access  and protection of public lands, while also expressing the importance of preservation and restoration of these spaces.


Etiwanda Falls 2019

Lets Take It Outside!

Lets Take It Outside!

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