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BLU Educational Foundation, in partnership with California Black Power Network (CBPN), showcased their dedication to civic engagement through their efforts for the 2024 March Primary Election.

Our goals for the project were to impact turnout for the elections, listen to communal priorities, and engage with our community to utilize our various programs, services, and resources. BLU seeks to ensure individuals are aware of how to use their voices and take action in the political process, locally and statewide. It was exciting being able to canvass the community and contact community members throughout the California coast.

In addition to providing information and resources to encourage people to participate in voting efforts, BLU also reached out to hear the community’s input on two priorities. Through our efforts, it was clear that there needs to be greater accountability and fair taxing for billionaires and big corporations. In order to have true democracy, the people’s voices and needs should be amplified rather than the system and stakeholders being manipulated to benefit the wealthy. The second issue area highlighted the spiking housing rates and the demand for affordable housing to be constructed in California. Housing is one societal structure that Black constituents have, and continue to face discrimination and being disregarded. BLU and CBPN seek to advocate for fair housing policies and the government being more active to repair past harms and remove barriers for affordable housing.

Overall, BLU understands the importance and impact of political education, mobilizing, and providing platforms for the community to be engaged civically.

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