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College Exodus Project

Since 1996, BLU Educational Foundation has worked with communities and schools to address the challenging national problem of low college attendance among students with limited income and opportunities. 


Hustle & Flow Academy

The takeaway of the Hustle & Flow Academy is to provide students and community members with the necessary skills and materials to begin work on their college portfolio and/or to build a stronger resume for their future careers. There are two larger goals: (1) the development of career readiness and (2) the development of leadership skills that makes one more marketable and unique in a competitive job market.



 Interns will support core programming and new initiatives of BLU Educational Foundation that focus on College & Career Access, Economic Empowerment, Educational & Cultural Enrichment and the Arts. 

Deadline to apply is May 18

Black College & Career Access Network (BCCAN)

The mission of the Black College and Career Access Network (BCCAN) is to collect, convene and disseminate resources to African American students and propel them in their journey toward attaining a college degree and viable career. Using data to drive decisions, BCCAN also serves as a professional development hub for Inland Empire Black professionals engaged in the college access field.

College Exodus to Health Professions


An exciting year-long opportunity for African American high school students to learn more about the different careers available to them within the health care field.

Program Details

  • Targeting African American high school students throughout the Inland Empire.

  • Year-long program exposing students to different career paths within the health care field

  • Begins September 2020 – June 2021

  • Monthly events that include:

    • Panels at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level.

    • Health Fair with local hospital to get the students involved in Community Health.

BEP Flyer.png

Black Educator Pipeline

The Black Educator Pipeline is a pathway program designed to support, guide, and mentor Black students in their journey to becoming a Black educator preschool through college.


BLU Educational Foundation’s mission for the Black Educator Pipeline program is to change the narrative surrounding the educational field and increasing awareness about the opportunities for Black educators.



College affordability has proven to be one of the biggest barriers to attaining a degree, particularly for low-income students and students of color. To combat these disparities,  BLU Educational Foundation makes a concerted effort to give students the opportunity to receive a scholarship as well as the resources to attaining more funds for college.

Black Equity Initiative Fellowship

The Black Equity Initiative Fellowship is a component of the Black Equity Initiative established in 2014, composed of organizations within the Inland Empire that shared a unified vision on improving social conditions through empowerment, education, and policy change. The Black Equity Fellowship is a six-month fellowship designed to provide experiential learning to students committed to achieving racial and social justice throughout the Inland Empire by providing organizational development and research support to Black Led Organizations (BLO) to increase their capacity for success in reaching liberation for Black communities. 
There are three focus areas for the Black Equity Initiative Fellowship including Organizational Management, Communications, and Systems Change. Each fellowship has different requirements and responsibilities.

Please review the application guidelines to learn more. 


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