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BLU hosts Public Officials Leadership Training

November 17, 2022 BY Pedro P. Esquivel

Pictured above is the group of participants receiving certification for Black Public Officials Leadership from the BLU Educational Foundation. | (PHOTO FROM: BLU Archives)

To increase a focus on black legislature, the BLU Educational Foundation led a training program for aspiring public officials.

Starting in January 2022, the training program ran until April 2022 with courses being led by Rakayla Simpson, Leadership Development Coordinator at the BLU Educational Foundation.

“This is the perfect program and platform to build power,” said Simpson. She continued, “It’s rare to find this kind of information anywhere else.

Once constituents were recruited for the program, the training began with topics such as: building your base, brand and how to effectively speak on key political issues.

The BLU Educational Foundation also provided connections to a black political network with similar goals in mind along with support for black businessowners.

Neicey Scott, a participant of the leadership training provided insight on her results. She regards the training as a, "Good resource that provided leadership training to aspiring business owners, community developers, elected officials, and opened doors to hopeful candidates."

She also made connections with the Board of Directors at the Inland Empire Utilities Agency after her training was completed.

Aspiring Adelanto City Councilmember, Harold Hines, spoke positively about the program and its many benefits. “Nothing but good things to say,” and continued, “I thought it was outstanding, to find out what seated members went through and how they came up with policies that impact our communities and raised money to achieve everything they set out to do.”


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